27 October 2009

i am slowly starting to favor capital letters.
I am slowly starting to favor capitals letters.


27 January 2009

sometimes i ALMOST write a blog. somethings ive recently ALMOST blogged about are:

  • kanye west's voice correction antics
  • how you dont have to use strings to make people cry, especially when its 5 fucking degrees out
  • how much i liked young jean lee's "the shipment" and collapsible giraffe's "last last"
  • performing at berkely rep vs. chicken johns ( = both really cool)
  • related: how all i wanna do anymore is theater in rockbars
  • whippits
  • rick warren
  • how much i liked the kronos quartet doing crumbs "black angels" at carnegie hall
  • how nyc is different from sf (GAG!)
  • how facebook is impacting our lives (DOUBLE GAG!)
  • some weird racism stuff
  • how i hate the left more than the right when they talk about bristol palin
  • how the left has lost sight of love
  • how much i like barack hussien obama (TRIPLE GAG!)
  • (how that triple gag is about the post, not the guy. i do like him!)
  • money
  • stupid musical theater songs
  • the sudden early thirties alcohol paradigm shift
  • the case of david rice atchison, a senator from missouri claimed by some to have been president of the us for one day, march 4, 1849
see what a good blogger i am!