20 July 2008

i have a old school german army jacket that i sometimes wear. see?:

anyway. i was on bart yesterday, in this jacket, coming home from a long and beautiful day of sf independent study: gg park, bicycle festival with crazy shoe tire bikes, buffalo, ocean, japantown, french thriller ("tell no one". its good!), cheese steak. i was sitting with my bike, when this guy boards, hes big, 30ish, wearing unseasonal flipflops and a baseball hat. he looks like a frat oaf. so then:

"hey. HEY! where'd you get that jacket?"
"a thrift store"
long pause
"you like wearing that jacket?"
long pause

and we go through the tunnel etc. silence. i go back to my book.
finally my stop arrives, i get up. hes in the door, so i have to go past him. i look him in the eyes just once.

"you better be carfeul who you wear that jacket around buddy.
you got a lot of balls wearing that jacket.

i couldnt resist a small smirk. but thats all.

what is this, really? a jewish thing? its really my only guess...the guy certainly didnt look it though. maybe just a patriotic, american wwII old axis thing?

i just wear it cuz it looks cool. and i like a lot of german composers.